CUNY Files Patent on Graphene Production for Grafen Co.

(Nanowerk News) The City University of New York (CUNY) has filed a provisional patent entitled “Method for Preparing a Layered Material” for the joint project of Grafen Co. and Dr. Stephen O'Brien.
CUNY team has developed a novel production method based on liquid phase exfoliation in aqueous solutions of low cost surfactants. The new approach can be universally applied any 2D nanomaterial from graphene to MoS2 and MnO2 with great efficiency and yield. Under the research project a recycle technique for the surfactants has also been devised eliminating heavy feedstock usage and waste problems.
“Graphene produced by liquid phase exfoliation of the kind described here could be incorporated into composites where graphite is ordinarily used, as part of the makeup of electrolytic materials with applications for supercapacitors, batteries, electrodes and electric double layers” says Cuneyt Karakaya, the major researcher in the project; “The method of preparing the composite that follows the liquid phase exfoliation procedure, incorporates electrolytic forms of manganese oxide, or other electrotlyic materials, in order to prepare a high surface area material tailored for improved electrochemical performance”.
The patent allows the collaboration to exchange scientific data which is crucial for further research in commercialization and scaling-up opportunities. Grafen Co. intends to combine its own industrial expertise on liquid processing of graphene with this research to investigate possible bulk-scale implementations.
About Grafen Chemical Industries Co.
Grafen Co. was founded by Ibrahim Mutlay 10+ years ago to develop carbon nanotube based fibers. After extensive R&D in this field to build pilot-scale carbon nanotube development lines, Grafen Co. expanded its research directions into the immature graphene technology in 2007. Today, Grafen Co. with its skilled Executive and International Advisory Boards is a major technology developer in the field of advanced material sciences involving not only carbon nanostructures but also natural and man-made nanomaterials, functional polymers and fine chemicals. Grafen Co. is headquartered in Ankara, Turkey.
Source: Grafen (press release)
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