Acceptance of applications to compete for the 2014 RUSNANOPRIZE extended to 15 August

(Nanowerk News) The nomination period for the RUSNANOPRIZE Nanotechnology International Prize has been extended. Prize applications are now being accepted until 15 August 2014, inclusively.
This year applications are accepted for nominations of technology advancements in the area of Optics and Nanoelectronics – fields distinct for their high demand for nanotechnology research and of strategic importance to the innovative development of many sectors of global industry.

In order to submit an application to compete for the Prize, it is necessary to complete a nomination form and send it to the Prize Directorate at [email protected]

The Prize is conferred on the authors of outstanding science-and-technology advancements and inventions in the field of nanotechnology that have been incorporated into mass production at an annual market volume of not less than USD 10m. Eligible to nominate candidates for the competition are Russian and foreign organizations, as well as private individuals, save for members of the Prize Committee. Self-nomination by Prize contenders is permitted.

Once the period for application acceptance is closed, the Expert Group of the Prize will select the top 10% of all applications submitted. Then, selected applications will be passed for judging to the International Committee of the RUSNANOPRIZE, which in 2014 comprises 16 distinguished academics and representatives of the innovative business community who had achieved universally-recognized results in fields associated with optics, electronics and photonics. The 2014 Prize Committee includes widely-recognized personalities from Russia, China, the USA, France, Switzerland, South Korea and Japan.
Since its inception, the Prize have been awarded to leading researchers in various fields of nanotechnology, including Leonid Keldysh, Alfred Yi Cho, Sergey Lukyanov, Robert S. Langer and others. In 2014, RUSNANOPRIZE will be awarded for the sixth time. Inventors, scientists and researchers who emerge victorious from the competition will receive Prize symbols, honorary diplomas and the monetary part of the Prize in the amount of RUB 3m (about US$ 85k). The company incorporating the winning technology into mass production and achieving commercial success due to its implementation will be presented with an honorary diploma and the Prize symbol.
Names of the winners will be announced on 15 October 2014 at the official award ceremony that is traditionally held within the frames of the “Open Innovations” Forum and Exhibition in Moscow.
For more information concerning the Prize, laureates of the Prize and terms of nominations, as well as to download the nomination form, please visit
Information on RUSNANOPRIZE
The RUSNANOPRIZE award was founded in 2009 by the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies, one of the largest nanotechnology industry investment companies in the world. The prize is awarded irrespective of nationality or citizenship. Four of the eight laureates who had been awarded with the Prize in the last five years are foreign nationals.
RUSNANOPRIZE is intended to promote:
  • Integration for demands of business and interests of the scientific community
  • Wide public recognition of the development and practical applications of nanotechnology
  • The development of experimental and applied scientific research in the field of nanotechnology, as well as their commercialization
  • International collaboration in the field of nanotechnology
  • Public acknowledgement of the role of individual scientists, researchers and groups that have brought scientific research to life.
  • Please address inquiries concerning prize nominations by the following details:
    Denis Krotov
    [email protected]
    +7 (495) 660-06-68 (4082)
    +7 (926) 369-85-21
    Source: RUSNANOPRIZE Committee
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