Research Talks From Nanonics NanoPhotonics Workshop Now Online

(Nanowerk News) Nanonics Imaging , a pioneer in manufacturing of optically integrated scanning probe microscopes, reports on a highly successful workshop held last month, July 21-22, in the Physics department of Boston College. A research symposium on July 21st showcasing Nanonics expert customers addressed a full-capacity crowd drawing from all the major Boston area universities including MIT, Harvard, Boston College, Boston University, Northeastern, University of Massachussetts, as well as Canadian Institutions McGill University and University of Toronto.
Many of the research talks are now online on the Nanonics Youtube Channel.
The plenary talk was given by Professor Federico Capasso of Harvard University who started by discussing his history with Nanonics founder Aaron Lewis and that his first NSOM was from Nanonics. Prof. Capasso gave a fascinating talk on various couplers for surface plasmon polariton (SPP) generation:
Dr. Juan Merlo of the hosting laboratory followed with a study of coaxial plasmonic cavities with NSOM:
Other photonics-themed talks during the day included that by Prof. Nicholas Fang of MIT on the role of near-field probes in building optical circuits and Dr. Antonio Ambrosio of Harvard on structuring surfaces waves with various geometry antennas:
The day was rounded out with excellent talks in a wide variety of areas including nanoindentation with ultrasensitive quartz tuning fork technology (Prof. Kit Umbach of Cornell) and multiprobe technology (Prof. Ferat Sahin of Rochester Institute of Technology),
and combining NSOM and SEM technology (Prof. Nancy Haegel of NREL). A student poster session and cocktail reception for all the presenters and attendees concluded a highly successful and illuminating day.
The next day featured a Multiprobe School offering parallel sessions of multiprobe Nsom and nanolithography demonstrations on a Multiview 4000 system led by Dr. Hesham Taha, a senior Nanonics application scientist. Extra sessions were added to meet the high demand.
In parallel to the lab demos, lectures were given on an overview of Multiprobe technology as well as vendor sessions on AFM-Raman by Andor and fluorescence lifetime measurements by Boston Electronics.
Feedback from the workshop was very strong with attendees raving about the quality of the talks and the chance to interact with other Nanonics users and scientists and see the creative and innovative research being conducted with Nanonics instrumentation.
Source: SurfaceChar (press release)
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