Moxtek Introduces the Next Generation Polarizing Nanowire Beamsplitter Cube

(Nanowerk News) Moxtek introduces the ICE Cube™, a new Nanowire® polarizing beamsplitter cube optimized for a wide range of acceptance angles, while maintaining color uniformity and image contrast in the visible wavelength range. The ICE Cube enables compact designs with reduced optical paths, which is important for today’s Head Mounted Display (HMD) and Head-Up Display (HUD) systems. Engineers are now able to design smaller systems, while maintaining excellent optical performance.
Moxtek’s ICE Cubes maintain light uniformity and contrast ratios over 1,000:1 through angles of incidence above ± 20 degrees. The ICE Cube can be optimized for high Index, Contrast or Efficiency (ICE), and is a superior choice over MacNeille Cube designs.
“We are excited to bring a new product with our Nanowire grid technology to the optics market. The ICE Cube exceeds the optical transmission, efficiency and extinction ratio at wide angles, especially in the blue wave lengths, where thin film cubes have trouble performing,” said Sanjay Kamtekar, VP of Sales and Marketing, Moxtek.
Moxtek is an advanced research company and a leading supplier of advanced nano-optical components used for projection display, imaging and analytical instrumentation. Moxtek provides innovative, solution-based products and services focused on performance, quality and durability. Moxtek is located in the United States in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Orem, Utah.
Source: Moxtek (press release)
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