Nanopositioner PZ700 With Increased Life Time And Freedom From Maintenance

(Nanowerk News) After more than one year in long–term test the nanopositioner PZ700 from piezosystem jena do not show any abrasion or breakdown. The nanopositioner PZ700 is designed for dynamic, single axis positioning tasks of objects of all kind with a mass up to 300 g (0.7 lbs). Because of the quadratic, central aperture, the nanopositioner PZ700 is suited for positioning tasks, where the transmission of light is required or for fibers and wires.
Nanopositioner PZ700
Nanopositioner PZ700 with central opening and 700 µm stroke in z–axis. In a long–term test the actuator did over 100 million cycles.
During the long–term test, the nanopositioner PZ700 accom-plished more than 100 million cycles at the maximum stroke of 700 µm and a load of 270 g (0.6 lbs). The actuator is driven by a rectangular input signal. Meanwhile, the mechanic components neither show wear nor signs of fatigue. The stroke does not change over the testing period, tilt is on a constant low level.
The nanopositioner PZ700 is characterized by a high number of cycles with constant parameters like tilt, low axial offset, stroke, repeatability etc. Other assets are the freedom of maintenance of the mechanical and electronical components. Therefore a long–term usage without any downtime is possible and the operating time is not disrupted.
Source: piezosystem jena (press release)
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