Delphi, The World's First Fully Integrated Tabletop Fluorescence And Electron Microscope

(Nanowerk News) DELMIC and Phenom-World announce Delphi™, the world’s first integrated correlative tabletop fluorescence and electron microscope. DELMIC produces high-performance, user-friendly integrated microscopy solutions while Phenom-World is a leading producer of electron microscopes. Delphi is a complete solution that makes it possible to do fast correlative microscopy with unique overlay precision. The system is easy to use for both light- and electron-microscopists making correlation intuitive and fully automated.
Delphi opens the door to these techniques for all laboratories through a cost-efficient package that does not require experienced microscopy skills to image and interpret data. Delphi will make its debut at the 18th International Microscopy Congress in Prague.
Delphi microscope
Delphi – the world’s first fully integrated tabletop fluorescence & electron microscope.
In life science imaging, fluorescence microscopy provides precise localization for specific events while electron microscopy is able to provide detailed structural information with nanoscale resolution. Combined, the two techniques quickly provide a more complete picture for the user with a technique known as Correlative Light & Electron Microscopy or CLEM. In CLEM, the individual techniques are often applied one after another. This has significant drawbacks such as the introduction of contamination or changes in sample morphology.
Delphi eliminates these problems in the first commercially available, fully integrated scanning electron and fluorescent correlative microscope. Delphi is designed for fast, integrated imaging through simultaneous acquisition, seamlessly switching between techniques. Precision mechanics and the use of a proprietary automated alignment technique using the electron beam allows extremely precise, user-independent overlay of images. The Delphi also has the advantage of size and may be placed in any laboratory without the need for extra infrastructure. The Delphi is uncompromising in both optical and electron performance.
According to Sander den Hoedt, co-founder and CEO of DELMIC BV, “working with tabletop SEM product leader Phenom-World, has enabled us to design and produce an integrated package for users at an affordable price. The Delphi makes the tedious job of overlaying fluorescence and electron images history. The Delphi aligns the images fully automatically with zero errors in the overlay. We provide the user with a fully correlative imaging solution in a single package.”
Source: DELMIC (press release)
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