Nanolane And Innopsys Partner to Provide Complete Tool for Nanopattern Imprint And Analysis

(Nanowerk News) Nanolane announces the commercial partnership with Innopsys concerning the marketing of a combined and complete solution for precise nano-pattern printing and characterization with the InnoStamp 40 microcontact printing and Sarfus Mapping equipments.
nanopattern imprint and analysis
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Methods which produce and control nanopatterns on surfaces with high resolution, good productivity and low cost are more frequently requested. With this in mind, microcontact printing has certain advantages when compared with such conventional techniques as nanoimprint lithography (NIL), hot embossing, and injection molding. It accomplishes this by offering accessibility, ease of use and reproducibility.
Non-contact, large scan and rapid imprint characterization are also key parameters concerning the control of the quality print. Among existing technologies, optical technique appears to be the only method capable of meeting such requirements. However, due to its low sensitivity, characterization of nanometric samples such as nano-patterns is not possible.
The partnership between Innopsys and Nanolane aims to provide imprinted surface specialists an optimized and complete solution for nano-pattern printing and characterization through the InnoStamp 40 and Sarfus Mapping equipments.
Source: Nanolane (press release)
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