Nanotronics Imaging Releases nSPEC 3D, Powerful Microscope That Captures 3D Images at Nanoscale

(Nanowerk News) Nanotronics Imaging, developer of the world’s most technologically advanced nanoimaging solutions, today introduced its latest computer-controlled microscope, the nSPEC® 3D, at the American Chemical Society 2014 International Elastomer Conference, being held from October 14-16, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee.
Designed for sophisticated industrial use, the nSPEC® 3D combines high quality optical lenses with advanced computer pattern recognition algorithms, custom 3D-printed hardware, and artificial intelligence to capture nanoscale 3D images, including quantitative results and structure classification with a single mouse click or gesture.
“Our solution will allow a host of industries, including industrial materials, semiconductors, and even biopharmaceuticals, to access sophisticated imaging that can improve their ability to produce and manipulate advanced materials quickly and efficiently,” said Nanotronics Imaging CEO Matthew Putman.
The nSPEC® 3D was initially developed to address common challenges faced when performing high throughput imaging of complex materials in factories–namely the inability to capture repeatable topography maps and automatically interpret features in the 3D image.
Through a convergence of imaging techniques, available hardware advances and the emergence of real-time analysis, the nSPEC® 3D will allow users to capture and deliver nanoscale insights in a way that is accessible, understandable and actionable at a fraction of the cost compared to alternative technologies.
Flow Polymers, a leading manufacturer of proprietary and custom chemical dispersions, process aids and homogenizing agents for tire, automotive, industrial products, wire and cable and plastics markets, has been an early user of the product for improving performance and ease of its chemical dispersions.
“For three decades, Flow Polymers has produced additives and rubber chemical dispersions to improve mix quality and compound properties,” said Michael Ivany, CEO of Flow Polymers. “We are excited by Nanotronics Imaging’s development of the nSPEC® 3D, as this instrument has the potential to help the industry optimize product performance, service life and uniformity. Until now we have not been able to identify an instrument that could adequately quantify the quality of mix.”
A radical departure from traditional laboratory instruments, the nSPEC® 3D was designed by renowned New York designers Mari Kussman and Francis Bitonti, who worked closely with the Nanotronics team to push the boundaries of functionality and agility.
At the conference, Nanotronics will be demonstrating the microscopic world of elastomers by utilizing Oculus Virtual Reality and Leap Motion gesture control to manipulate 3D landscapes captured by nSPEC® 3D. The demonstration can be seen at Booth #503 on October 14th through October 16th, 2014.
About Nanotronics Imaging
Nanotronics Imaging brings the nanoscale world within reach, by combining the highest quality off-the-shelf technologies with customized advanced mathematical solutions and artificial intelligence to make nanoimaging fast, accurate and cost-efficient. The company’s proprietary systems allow computer-controlled microscopes to process, analyze and report on nanoscale images in a way that can’t be done with the human eye, or with alternative technologies, at a fraction of the cost. Nanotronics Imaging is funded by San Francisco’s Founders Fund.
Source: Nanotronics Imaging (press release)
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