Nanotechnology Venture Targets Arterial, Heart and Kidney Diseases

(Nanowerk News) NuVascular Technologies, Inc. is commercializing its patented electrospinning process to create new medical devices that help millions.
Recently spun-out from Biosurfaces, Inc., the company uses cutting-edge nanotechnology that would target serious conditions such as arterial, heart and kidney diseases.
The platform technology was developed over a 10-year period as a result of $6.6 million in funding obtained from National Institutes of Health. The newly formed NuVascular Technologies, currently in discussions with the FDA, holds an exclusive license for this technology and has a management team with a wealth of experience in the health, research and academic fields.
Co-founders Eugene J. Anton, a serial entrepreneur with a history of success in the biotechnology space, and Matthew D. Phaneuf, an established biomaterials scientist with a track record of award-winning research and an inventor of the technology, are developing medical solutions that mimic the natural scaffold onto which tissue grows while also incorporating targeted drug delivery. Using the latest in nanotechnology, NuVascular Technologies' groundbreaking electrospinning process will help treat different aspects of arterial, heart and kidney diseases with the goal of dramatically reducing complications.
"These diseases affect millions in the United States and around the world. We've seen the heartbreaking impact that heart, vascular, and kidney diseases have on the patients and their families," Anton said.
Approximately 200 million people worldwide are affected by arterial disease. In the United States, 26 million people are at risk for end-stage renal disease, and 5.1 million are affected by heart failure.
"The numbers are staggering. With so many people afflicted with these diseases, there needs to be better options available," Phaneuf said. "The progress made at NuVascular Technologies will help to reduce complications associated with these devices and speed up the healing process, allowing these people to return to a better quality of life."
The NuVascular Technologies' approach is a vast improvement over the current industry standard of thicker woven and knitted biomaterials, which never fully heal within the body resulting in possible complications. With NuVascular Technologies' devices, drugs and other bioactives are incorporated directly into the electrospun fibers, drastically improving healing and reducing complications. This "first-in-class" drug-loading allows for a release rate and duration that can be tailored for specific devices and is a vast improvement to mainstream approaches, which either do not have the capacity to locally deliver drugs or use binding agents that can cause complications. These technologies far exceed the benefits of other treatments in the market.
About NuVascular Technologies
NuVascular Technologies, Inc. was established in Ashland, Mass., in 2014. The company was formed to commercialize patented technology developed over the past decade by BioSurfaces, Inc. and to further develop next-generation technology utilizing its electrospinning expertise. Under the direction of an experienced management team, the company is developing medical solutions that mimic natural tissue growth and incorporate targeted drug delivery.
Source: NuVascular Technologies (press release)
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