Educational Videos Describe Thermal Microscopy and Associated Applications

(Nanowerk News) Market leaders in temperature controlled microscopy, Linkam Scientific Instruments have launched their first educational videos to help introduce users to some of the new thermal microscopy techniques and associated testing methods.
For new techniques to gain acceptance and move into routine use either in academia or industry, education is required. However, today's societal demands for instant availability may turn students away from useful tools and techniques when presented with traditional teaching methods. With outlets like YouTube and artist animators like Linkam's Vince Kamp, a new approach is here.
Learn about the Zoominator – and CLEM – correlative light & electron microscopy.
Look at the fast growing technique of correlative light & electron microscopy. Known as CLEM, how do pack all the reasons for its use into a five minute package which retains the attention of the viewer.
Watch the basics of Correlative Microscopy (CLEM) explained through simple pencil sketches:
The video has already made an impact in one of the UK's leading microscopy research groups, the Lincoln's Inn Fields Laboratories of Cancer Research UK. Lab head, Dr Lucy Collinson, is already using it. "This is the neatest explanation of correlative light and electron microscopy I have encountered. We will use this animation to introduce the concept of CLEM to our research scientists and PhD students (as well as my friends and family who wonder what it is I do all day). And I have now added a Marvellous Zoominator to my (extensive) equipment wish list."
While “the Marvellous Zoominator” is not yet available, the convenient cryo CLEM stage (CMS196) is available from Linkam to enable sample transfer at cryogenic temperatures. So, visit Linkam at and learn about the broad range of applications in CLEM and the field of temperature-controlled microscopy.
About Linkam Scientific Instruments
Linkam develops and manufactures a broad range of heating and freezing stages for both OEM and end users to visualize and explore materials properties. Used in conjunction with light microscopes and other forms of spectroscopy, Linkam stages are found in thousands of laboratories worldwide with the most successful microscope heating stage, the THMS600, selling over 4,000 units alone. Linkam is the market leader in temperature controlled microscopy.
Source: Linkam Scientific Instruments (press release)
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