Perpetuus Carbon Group and G24 Power Team Up For Graphene-enabled Industrial Components

(Nanowerk News) Perpetuus Carbon Group, a leading producer and global supplier of high quality, functionalised graphenes, announces a major initiative with G24 Power, a world leader in the design and manufacture of dye-sensitised solar cells, a technology which converts light energy into electrical energy.
PCG and G24 Power Ltd have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding, a precursor to a full commercial partnership and manufacturing agreement.
Using PCG’s functionalised graphenes, G24 will produce, to order, a range of advanced graphene enabled components, in sheet or roll form. G24’s advanced manufacturing equipment has the capacity to produce thousands of metres of components per month for use in areas such as:
  • – Resistance heating
  • – Bio-sensor platforms
  • – Barrier packaging
  • – Composite physical reinforcements
  • – Water treatment
  • – Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell
  • – Thermal management and heat dissipation
  • – EMI shielding
  • – Electrodes for batteries and super capacitors
  • – LI-AIR battery cathodes
  • The use of functionalised graphenes enables thermal conductivity of greater than 500 W/M°K along with surface resistivity of substantially less than 1 Ω/sq to be achieved on rolls of material. This can be produced at specific thicknesses, on specified substrates, for components which can be used in aerospace, marine, automotive, energy generation and energy storage industries.
    On 19-20th November 2014, PCG and G24 will exhibit samples of these new graphene-enabled components at IDtechEx Graphene Live! and Printed Electronics USA 2014 in Santa Clara, California. PCG and G24 technology experts will be available to discuss customer specifications and requirements.
    Commenting on the Commercial Partnership relationship with G24 Power, John Buckland, CEO of Perpetuus Carbon Group, said: “We were impressed how quickly the technical team at G24 took our graphene enabled compounds and produced components for use in so many exciting areas of industry. Their manufacturing equipment and scientists are first class and I have no doubt our partnership will swiftly make us the world’s first manufacturer of graphene enabled components in many market sectors. This new relationship, together with other collaborations, sets Perpetuus Carbon Group apart from our competitors as the only business truly able to commercially produce graphene enabled products.
    “Our existing and soon to be expanded facility in South Wales has the capability to grow into the world’s first centre for manufacturing graphene enabled products. Together with impressive advances in R&D at the Institute of Graphene at Manchester University, we believe the Chancellor George Osborne’s vision of the UK being the global powerhouse for graphene technology will soon become a reality.”
    Richard Costello, CEO of G24 Power, said: “G24 is known the world over for excellence in the field of DSSC PV technology. Our expertise in this regard has delivered a capability to produce high-speed, roll-to-roll, precision thickness coatings. Working with Perpetuus we have configured our production equipment to manufacture graphene-enabled coatings and films to precise specifications.
    “We can therefore produce to order a range of components and applications for the automotive, aerospace, marine, electronics, and other market sectors. With Perpetuus producing commercial quantities of functionalised graphenes we are perfectly placed to supply the global market with these exciting new products.”
    Source: Perpetuus Carbon Group (press release)
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