Ossila Launches Commercial Perovskite Photovoltaic Ink Capable of 11.7% Efficiency

(Nanowerk News) Ossila Limited has this week launched the first commercial and fully tested perovskite photovoltaic ink which is capable of producing perovskite-based solar cells with power conversion efficiency of almost 12%.
Perovskites are currently the most exciting photovoltaic technology to emerge in the past 20 years because of their potential to provide highly efficient solar cells at low cost. Researchers are currently exploring the possibility of embedding perovskite photovoltaics in buildings, for example as windows or cladding, which could dramatically increase the uptake of affordable solar energy.
Ossila’s perovskite precursor ink is designed to help researchers easily break into the perovskites field, and save them a significant amount of time in reaching high and competitive efficiencies. The ink formulation has already demonstrated peak efficiency of 11.7%, a figure which could easily be exceeded with further experimentation.
Ossila also provide a full process recipe with the ink to help scientists to quickly optimise their fabrication routine and produce high performance perovskite photovoltaics almost immediately. For those who are new to perovskite research, the ink can provide them with access to an important and exciting photovoltaic technology that may previously have been off-limits due to lack of time and resources.
Professor David Lidzey, who has been working with Ossila to develop the perovskite ink, comments: “I am really excited about this new ink – it combines ease of use with promising efficiency when used in photovoltaic devices. I’m keen to find out how other groups use it in their labs and whether they obtain increased device performance.”
The perovskite photovoltaic ink is currently in stock and available for dispatch to research institutions around the world.
About Ossila Limited
Ossila provides components, materials, equipment and expertise to enable faster, more successful organic and thin film electronics research. With a dedicated team of research scientists with significant academic and industrial experience, Ossila can provide its customers with high quality products and second-to-none technical support in order to increase the speed in which researchers can produce and measure organic and thin film photovoltaics, light-emitting diodes and field-effect transistors.
Source: Ossila (press release)
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