Lomiko Metals Launches New Venture to Develop an Advanced Graphene-Based Supercapacitor

(Nanowerk News) Lomiko Metals Inc. has announced it has signed an agreement to invest in a new graphene-related venture, Graphene Energy Storage Devices (Graphene ESD Corp.), a U.S. Corporation. On December 4, 2013, Lomiko reported on a successful conclusion to Phase I of its Graphene Supercapacitor Project which involved Graphene Laboratories Inc. and Stony Brook University. Graphene ESD Corp. has been formed to commercialize the technology and bring the graphene-based energy storage devices to market.
Supercapacitors bridge the gap between conventional capacitors and rechargeable batteries. They store the most energy per unit volume or mass (energy density) among capacitors. Supercapacitors power density is generally 10 to 100 times greater than normal capacitors or batteries. This results in much shorter charge/discharge cycles than batteries. Additionally, they will tolerate many more charge and discharge cycles than batteries. Incorporation of graphene material in supercapacitor electrodes may further improve energy and power density of the device. Graphene ESD Corp. will develop low-cost graphene-based supercapacitor devices that will be capable of even higher discharge currents. The development will focus on large-scale devices that are projected to have the lowest cost of power and stored energy in its class.
"As reported December 4, 2013, the Phase I Graphene Supercapacitor project yielded encouraging results. Graphene ESD Corp. will build on the success of this project and will be developing a graphene-based supercapacitor. The device is designed as a versatile energy storage solution for electronics, electric vehicles and electric grid." stated A. Paul Gill, CEO of Lomiko Metals Inc. Graphene is finding new application in sensors, electronics, and advanced materials. Energy storage is a rapidly developing field which can benefit from the outstanding properties of graphene. We believe that graphene-based devices will deliver the best value for multiple energy storage applications."
Graphene ESD Corp. will issue and Lomiko will purchase for $ 182,286 USD, 1,800 shares (the "Shares") of its Series A Preferred Stock (the "Stock") at a purchase price of US$ 101.27 per share. The dividend, conversion rights and liquidation preference of the Series A Preferred Stock are set forth in the Certificate of Incorporation attached as Exhibit "A" to the Agreement to be submitted to the TSX Venture Exchange and filed on Sedar.
The transaction is subject to all required approvals of the TSX-Venture Exchange, and Lomiko agrees to apply for, and use reasonable commercial efforts to obtain, such approval immediately following the execution of this Agreement.
Source: Lomiko Metals (press release)
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