OCSiAl supports NanoART Imagery Contest

(Nanowerk News) With the additional support of OCSiAl USA, the competition heretofore restricted to the European Union has expanded to a global level from January 2015. In 2014, OCSiAl accepted the invitation of nRai® to become a juror for NanoART – an international online competition of nanoscopic images organized with the Nanosciences Foundation, in Grenoble (France). Since 2013, NanoART encouraged scientists to submit their most recent pictures of nanoobjects and nanolandscapes for the contest.
On January 15, 2015, in Grenoble, Mr. Max Atanassov, CEO of OCSiAl USA, awarded the NanoART 2014 top prize (US$5000) to Dorian GABORIAU, the author of a stunning “Nanocactus” image. The top three 2014 winners have been ranked via a public election gathering over 1050 valid votes.
Dorian’s picture shows gold nanostructures deposited on silicon nanowires by electrochemistry, that leads to these cactus-shaped structures.
The twelve laureates in the final competition had been selected monthly by a jury consisting of representatives from OCSiAl, nRai®, the Nanosciences Foundation, the Collaborative Centre for Applied Nanotechnology in Dublin, and the London Center for Nanotechnology. This jury panel chose the best artwork every month, and each of the twelve laureates received a prize of US$200 from nRai®.
NanoART was first launched in 2013 by nRai® and the Nanosciences Foundation to raise the public awareness of Nanotechnology and Nanosciences in a fun and creative way. People new to these subjects really begin to understand it when they see compelling pictures. Many of the illustrations, models and nanoscopic images produced in researching nanoscale science are very artistic in nature, transcending basic illustration. Participating researchers have also increased their visibility across the scientific community on a local scale as well as internationally.
The NanoART competition can be found on the Nanosciences Foundation’s web page, where winning entries galleries are also available.
Source: OCSiAl (press release)
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