Asylum Research Releases New Application Note: 'AFM Applications in Polymer Science and Engineering'

(Nanowerk News) Oxford Instruments Asylum Research has released a new application note, “AFM Applications in Polymer Science and Engineering,” written by former NIST researcher Dr. Donna Hurley.
characterize a variety of polymer properties
Asylum Research AFMs can characterize a wide variety of polymer properties, including morphology (top-left), modulus (top-right), thermal conductivity (bottom-right), and melt-recrystallization behavior (bottom-left). See the application note for full details.
Polymer scientists were among the first group to enthusiastically embrace AFM when it was introduced 25 years ago. This application note reviews how recent advances in next-generation AFMs from Asylum Research including the MFP-3D Infinity™ and the Cypher™ ES have enabled scientists to learn even more about polymeric materials. These include new modes to characterize mechanical, electrical, functional and thermal properties as well as the ability the visualize dynamics driven by chemical and thermal stimuli.
“We welcome Dr. Hurley’s outstanding review of polymer applications in AFM,” said Roger Proksch, President of Asylum Research. “Polymer science is an excellent example of a field where important progress has been driven by new advances in AFM instrumentation. We hope this article provides inspiration to polymer scientists and helps them find solutions to their research and engineering challenges.”
Source: Asylum Research (press release)
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