Cambrios and Heraeus Jointly Create New, High-Conductivity Transparent Nanowire Conductors

(Nanowerk News) Cambrios Technologies Corporation, the leader in silver nanowire-based solutions for the transparent conductor markets and Heraeus, the leader in conductive polymer technology, today announced a new class of hybrid, transparent, conductive materials made of silver nanowires and conductive polymers.
Combining ClearOhm® silver nanowires with Clevios™ PEDOT:PSS conductive polymer creates a new hybrid “one layer solution” resulting in the highest conductivity coupled with an ultra-smooth surface. The new Clevios™ HY family of products will have superior conductivity on flexible substrates, faster transmission and greater flexibility. They will be used in touch screens, OLED lighting, photovoltaics, smart windows and flexible displays. This new technology supersedes the expensive ITO vacuum sputtering process. Clevios™ HY ink formulations use cost-effective coating and printing processes that are best suited for high-volume manufacturing.
“The companies’ materials are complementary and ideally suited for the ‘touch age’,” said Dr. Wilfried Loevenich, head of innovation at Heraeus New Businesses. “The Clevios HY range with its high conductivity and excellent smoothing properties will outperform the competition.”
“This partnership and the unique hybrid transparent conductor replaces ITO,” Said Dr. Rahul Gupta, senior director of business development at Cambrios. “It opens new channels for our materials as well as enables applications in emerging growth markets.”
Dr. Andreas Elschner of Heraeus will spotlight the new Clevios™ HY range during his presentation “CleviosTM High-Conductive Polymers in Touch Panel Sensors” at the LOPEC, Munich conference. Both he and Dr. Rahul Gupta from Cambrios will be available at the LOPEC exhibition, 3-5 March 2015, to answer questions.
Source: Heraeus
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