World Record in Nano 3D Printing Technology

(Nanowerk News) For the first time, the nano printer developed by TETRA prints three-dimensional objects on nano scale with dimensions of centimeters by two-photon-polymerization (2PP).
TETRA's new approach in machine design breaks the previously existing limit of a few millimeters height of monolithic 2PP structures. Thus dimensions up to three times three centimeter are possible. This is current world record!
2PP-Scaffold for bone cell cultivating.
Two-Photon-Polymerization is a lithographic process in which photo-sensitive, polymerizable, liquid materials (e.g. hydrogels) are cross-linked by an ultra-short-pulse-laser. The material cures in the focal area of the laser beam.
Due to this technology, the resolution of the structures can be lower than 100 nm. The structures are used for example in medical technologies and tissue engineering.
Source: TETRA
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