Atomic Force Microscopy Workshop 'Quantitative nanomechanics with High Speed'

(Nanowerk News) Bruker invites you to the Atomic Force Microscopy Workshop “Quantitative nanomechanics with High Speed” which will take place in the Bruker Netherlands Office on Tuesday 12th May 2015 in Leiderdorp.
Learn how to accelerate your research through:
  • – The latest developments in Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
  • – The High Speed AFM
  • – The Nanomechanical Characterisation Modes
  • In the morning, the team will talk in depth about technology and new applications enabled by Bruker’s exclusive and powerful quantitative imaging modes and high speed atomic force microscopy (AFM). Recent improvements in PeakForce QNM technology will open up new research capabilities like Stress- and Strain-release experiments as well as Nano-Rheology. On top of that, calibration, usage and accuracy have all been improved in the next generation PeakForce QNM software.
    In the afternoon, “Hands-on-sessions” on Bruker AFM Dimension FastScan will take place where you have the chance to bring your own samples for inspection.
    The event will be of interest to industrial and academic researchers. There will be ample opportunities for networking and to foster collaborations.
    Source: Bruker (press release)
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