Miniature Opto-Mechanical Actuators - PI Releases new Brochure

(Nanowerk News) Precision motion and positioning systems leader PI (Physik Instrumente) LP has released its newest catalog on high-precision miniaturized opto-mechanical piezo-motor actuators, dubbed the PiezoMike family. The PI Group offers a wide range of standard and vacuum compatible positioning products, in addition to custom engineered solutions.
Compact Simplicity now with Integrated Nanometer Position Feedback
Building upon decades of experience with motion control and nanopositioning, the new N-472 closed-loop PiezoMike actuator adds position feedback in a compact package, very similar to its N-470, open-loop sibling. Both actuators are based on a screw and ratchet mechanism, where a small piezo ceramic block performs the individual “clicks” based on the input to a controller.
Watch a video explaining the functionality:
Step size and frequency are variable and allow the user to control the desired speed and positioning resolution. The position sensor resolution of the new N-472 actuator is below one nanometer. PiezoMike products simplify the automated adjustment of mechanical and opto-mechanical components. Motion ranges from 7.5mm to 26mm are standard, as well as vacuum capability.
Why PiezoMike Drives
The advantage of the piezo ratchet design is a very high stiffness and blocking force of 100N (22 lbs). Once a position is reached, the actuator is vibration-proof, shock-resistant and long-term stable, with no position drift or jitter.
Decades of Demonstrated Success
PI’s prowess of engineering and manufacturing is clearly proven as PiezoMike actuators have a lifetime of more than a billion steps, are self-locking, require no holding current, and generate no heat at rest. PI has a long history of working with manufacturers and can easily modify existing designs or completely customize piezo devices to fit the exact requirements of the application.
Download PiezoMike Miniature Actuators Brochure:
Applications of PiezoMike Miniature Actuators
Applications include laser-systems, photonics alignment, micromanipulation, biotechnology, cell manipulation, medical technology, and lab automation.
About PI
PI is a leading manufacturer of precision motion control equipment, piezo motors, air bearing stages and hexapod parallel-kinematics for semiconductor applications, photonics, bio-nano-technology and medical engineering. PI has been developing and manufacturing standard & custom precision products with piezoceramic and electromagnetic drives for 4 decades. The company has been ISO 9001 certified since 1994 and provides innovative, high-quality solutions for OEM and research. PI is present worldwide with eight subsidiaries, R&D / engineering on 3 continents and total staff of 800+.
Source: PI (press release)
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