Oxford Instruments announces call for nominations for the 2016 Science Prizes for Europe and Americas

(Nanowerk News) In its 11th year now, Oxford Instruments is pleased to announce the call for nominations for the 2016 Nicholas Kurti Science Prize for Europe and 2016 Lee Osheroff Richardson Science Prizes for North and South America.
The objective of these Science Prizes is to promote and recognise the novel work of young scientists working in the fields of low temperatures and/or high magnetic fields. The prizes are given annually and the winner is chosen by a selection committee comprising eminent scientists in the relevant fields.
Innovation has been a driving force within Oxford Instruments since Sir Martin Wood founded the company over 50 years ago. The company actively supports and encourages innovation in all forms, both within Oxford Instruments and externally. Apart from the Nicholas Kurti and the Lee Osheroff Richardson Science Prizes, the company also sponsors several other Science Prizes to recognise the achievements of young scientists around the world, employing research in Physical Sciences.
“For early career researchers it can be a challenging process getting established in their chosen field. Oxford Instruments have worked hard to promote and to celebrate outstanding research by young scientists over many years in North America, Europe and Asia by establishing and supporting a series of Science Prizes as well as providing support for the Fritz London Memorial Prize and Simon Memorial Prize. In giving back to the research community through these awards the company is able to recognise the brilliant science being conducted by the research leaders of the future”, said Dr Michael Cuthbert, Managing Director at Oxford Instruments NanoScience.
The 2015 winners of both prizes were awarded with a cash prize, trophy and certificate. The winners were also given the opportunity to attend a conference in Europe and USA respectively.
Dr Isabel Guillamón from the Condensed Matter Physics Department at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain commented, “I am grateful to Oxford Instruments and the Nicholas Kurti Science Prize Committee for giving me this important opportunity and specially acknowledge their work on this initiative." Dr Guillamón was presented with her prizes at the 2015 European Conference on Applied Superconductivity (EUCAS 2015) at Lyon, France on 9th September.
"It truly is an honour to be the recipient of this award", commented Dr. Cory Dean, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics of Columbia University, New York, USA, the winner of the 2015 LOR Science Prize. Dr. Dean was presented with the Prizes at the Oxford Instruments 'Socialize with Science' event, held alongside the 2015 APS March Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, USA on March 3rd, 2015.
Source: Oxford Instruments (press release)
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