Harvard's Philip Kim Investigates Mesoscale Transport Phenomena of Low-dimensional Nanomaterials With The Nanosurf Flex-Axiom AFM

(Nanowerk News) Low dimensional materials are now of keen interest for many researchers in the materials and physical sciences. These materials have the potential to radically change from the ground up how materials and devices are built and functionalized.
The Kim laboratory at Harvard University is utilizing the Nanosurf Flex-Axiom atomic force microscope to conduct research on a variety of materials including graphene flakes. The Flex-Axiom offers his group the right combination of performance and ease of use to effectively address and characterize these cutting-edge materials.
Flex-Axiom AFM and graphene samples
Left: Flex-Axiom AFM in glove box. Middle: Graphene flakes sample. Right: Graphene flakes profile.
The Flex-Axiom AFM has been installed in an MBraun glove box alongside a number of other pieces of equipment including a Signatone Probe Station. With this arrangement, the Nanosurf system is able to effectively operate in an environment maintaining <1ppm O2 and <1ppm H2O.
Source: Nanosurf (press release)
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