Nanosurf Posts Three New Flex-ANA Application Notes

(Nanowerk News) Flex-ANA is a tool for fully automated nanomechanical data acquisition and analysis.
Key features and benefits
  • Fully integrated, automated atomic force microscope
  • Proprietary algorithm that facilitates nanomechanical measurements on uneven or undulating surfaces
  • Real-time, automated data collection, interpretation and analysis
  • Works on hard or soft, sticky or stiff, uneven or smooth, transparent or opaque samples
  • Applications
    Automated force spectroscopy and nanomechanical analysis on:
  • Soft and sticky materials
  • Tissue or corrugated surfaces
  • Transparent or opaque samples
  • Diagnostic research samples
  • Cells
  • All the application notes for Flex-ANA can be found here on the Nanosurf website.
    Source: Nanosurf (press release)
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