FluidFM for FlexAFM now called Flex-FPM

(Nanowerk News) The unique FluidFM® solution for the Nanosurf FlexAFM is now called Flex-FPM, the latter of which stands for FluidFM® Probe Microscope. With the new name we want to emphasize the compatibility with the FlexAFM product line, consisting of the Flex-ANA, Flex-Axiom, Flex-Bio, and Flex-FPM systems.
The system’s functionality stays the same, using the proven FluidFM® microfluidic control system and touchscreen-based FluidFM® ARYA operator software developed by Cytosurge. With this software, which integrates all hardware components and is optimized for FluidFM® experiments, Flex-FPM is more than just an AFM with hollow cantilevers.
Many publications have already shown the wide range of applications in nanomanipulation and single cell biology that are possible with a combination of AFM and FluidFM® technology.
Want to discover the Flex-FPM for yourself? Contact us!
Source: Nanosurf (press release)
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