Bruker Surface Days

(Nanowerk News) Bruker Nano Surfaces in cooperation with the Institute for Applied Laser Technique and Photonics (Hochschule Aschaffenburg) invite you to our Workshop about today’s surface analysis, tribology and mechanical testing applications.
This 2-day workshop will allow researchers and experts from academia and industry to learn about new methods and the latest developments in instrumentation and it's free of charge. Morning talks combined with practical sessions included.
The Practical Sessions will be run by Senior Bruker Applications Scientists. We will have the according tools available every day. Feel free to register for 1 day or 2 day(s) of interest.
Delegates are welcome to bring samples for characterization! (Registration required).


Tuesday June 12-13: Optical Profiling & Material Testing with 3D Optical Microscopy practical session in the afternoon. Talk about Brukers NEW Contour LS-K Optical Surface Profiler - High-Speed Metrology without Compromise
Wednesday June 13: Latest news in AFM & Pico-Indentation for SEM with Atomic Force Microscopy practical session in the afternoon. Including latest news about Nano-IR AFM & sSNOM – Anasys Instruments joins Bruker.
Source: Bruker (press release)
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