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Carbon nanotube production
Source: IFW Dresden
 The production steps leading to carbon nanotubes are explained and demonstrated in this video from the IWF in Dresden, Germany.

Carbon Nanotubes
Source: YouTube
 A brief video explaining what a carbon nanotube is and what they might bring to future technologies. Audio from Earth & Sky, produced for Too Small To See.

Drawing carbon nanotubes on paper
Source: MIT
 A novel fabrication method for carbon nanotube sensors is as simple as drawing a line on a sheet of paper.

Introducing graphene
Source: European Graphene-Flagship initiative
 Short film produced by the European Graphene-Flagship initiative, introducing graphene, the 'wonder substance' set to revolutionise the electronics industry.

Nanoseries About Carbon Nanotubes
Source: nano2hybrids
 Five short videos about carbon nanotubes sponsored by WomenInNano, nano2hybrids and Vega Science Trust: 1) What is a carbon nanotube? 2) How are carbon nanotubes made? 3) How can we see carbon nanotubes? 4) Where are nanotubes used? 5) Carbon nanoforms.

Nanotube animations
Source: YouTube/mrbarro
 An animated travel around and through nanotubes of various materials (carbon, ZnO and CuO) as well as buckyballs.

Shaping single-walled nanotubes
Source: YouTube
 A new approach to carving nanomaterials atom by atom using a scanning transmission microscope.

Spinning carbon nanotube fibers
Source: Rice University
 Scientists have created the first pure carbon nanotube fibers that combine many of the best features of highly conductive metal wires, strong carbon fibers and pliable textile thread.

Spinning carbon nanotubes
Source: CSIRO
 Old meets new as the ancient technique of spinning is used to produce a very modern material a carbon nanotube yarn.

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