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Micro and nanotechnologies are revolutionizing medicine
Source: EUtube European Commission
 'Almost invisible' tools are being developed by European researchers to discover diseases earlier and to treat patients better. At the same time the miniaturisation of instruments to micro- and nano-dimensions promises to make our future lives safer and cleaner. In Barcelona, Spain, a leading European research group (Centro Nacional de Microelectronica in Bellaterra) is developing a low-cost molecular detection tool: the "Biofinger". The tiny chips can detect a huge variety of substances, from cancer cells to chemical ingredients. The revolutionary idea is to use physical forces in nano-dimensions in order to search for molecules. A team of European researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Technologies institute near Saarbruecken is using nanotechnology to improve diagnostic capabilities. In the "Adonis"-project, nano-sized gold particles are used to detect prostate cancer cells at an early stage.

Nanobots replacing neurons
Source: YouTube/CG4TV
 A computer animation of a possible future nanomedical procedure where a nanobot replaces a damaged neuron.

Nanoparticle drug delivery in cancer therapy
Source: Nanobotmodel Company
 A vision of modern drug delivery methods using DNA-origami nanoparticles. In animation you can see cancer therapy using doxorubicin, delivered by nanomedicine methods.

The Dermal Display
Source: YouTube
 Animation of a Dermal Display narrated by the author Robert A. Freitas Jr. while giving a presentation at the 6th Alcor conference.

Video journey into nanotechnology
Source: National Cancer Institute
 In the fight against cancer, nanotechnology introduces unique approaches to diagnosis and treatment that could not even be imagined with conventional technology. This is a general overview of nanotechnology's potential in fighting cancer.

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