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Atomic force microscopy at the Gerton Lab
Source: YouTube
 A brief overview of what Jordan Gerton's lab researches. Included is a brief description of fluorescence and atomic force microscopy and the future uses of it.

Atoms to X-rays: Sensing with nanomaterials
Source: University of California Television
 Join UCSD Chemist Mike Sailor to explore nanotechnologies that have been developed to make reliable, inexpensive and low-power sensors and the advances and challenges that make more sophisticated sensor devices possible. Series: 'Atoms to X-Rays'.

Big thinking: The power of nanoscience
Source: Berkeley Lab
 Science at the Theater, June 6th, 2011: Berkeley Lab scientists reveal how nanoscience will bring us cleaner energy, faster computers, and improved medicine.

Bio Nano Technology-New Frontiers in Molecular Engineering
Source: TED
 TED Talk by Andreas Mershin, a research scientist at the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms.

Carbon Nanotube Electronics
Source: Stanford University
 The Stanford Nanoelectronics Group presents "Nanotechnology – Carbon Nanotube Electronics", a short educational video on nanotechnology and carbon nanotubes.

Carbon nanotube production
Source: IFW Dresden
 The production steps leading to carbon nanotubes are explained and demonstrated in this video from the IWF in Dresden, Germany.

Carbon Nanotubes
Source: YouTube
 A brief video explaining what a carbon nanotube is and what they might bring to future technologies. Audio from Earth & Sky, produced for Too Small To See.

Carbon nanotubes as AFM probes
Source: University of Warwick
 A 3-year research project at the University of Warwick to explore a low cost, mass production capable way of using carbon nanotubes as AFM tips.

Cellular visions: The inner life of a cell
Source: Studiodaily
 A beautiful eight-minute animation created for Harvard biology students, gives a breathtaking glimpse of life at the molecular scale.

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