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The nano revolution
 A documentary

The strange new world of Nanoscience, narrated by Stephen Fry
Source: Cambridge University
 Where and what is nano? How will it shape our future? Nanoscience is the study of phenomena and manipulation of materials at the nanoscale, where properties differ significantly from those at a larger scale. The strange world of nanoscience - it can take you into atoms and beyond the stars.

When things get small
Source: University of California Television
 What could a stadium-sized bowl of peanuts, a shrinking elephant, and a crazed hockey player have to do with nanoscience? These are just some of the goofy excursions that await you in this irreverant, madcap, comically corny romp into the real-life quest to create the smallest magnet ever known.

Zoom Into nanotechnology
Source: Pinguin Multimedia
 This video was originally created to play throughout the Too Small To See exhibit.

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