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The FRAMINGNANO Governance Platform
Source: FramingNano – Publication date: February 2010
The FramingNano project was launched in May 2008 with the aim of creating proposals for a workable governance platform. The resulting FramingNano Governance Platform, as described in this report, has been proposed to the European Commission as a tool to support the responsible development of nanotechnologies at European level and beyond.

The future of nanotechnology. We need to talk.
Source: Nanologue – Publication date: October 2006
This study describes three scenarios contrasting developments of Nanotechnology in Europe by 2015.

The National Nanotechnology Initiative Strategic Plan
Source: U.S. National Nanotechnology Initiative – Publication date: December 2004
This document contains the vision, goals and plans for specific activities to be accomplished by the 22 agencies participating in the National Nanotechnology Initiative

Towards a European strategy for nanotechnology
Source: European Commisssion – Publication date: May 2004
In 2004, the European Commission adopted this report 'Towards a European Strategy for Nanotechnology'. It seeks to bring the discussion on nanoscience and nanotechnology to an institutional level and proposes an integrated and responsible strategy for Europe.

U.S. Regional, State, and Local Initiatives in Nanotechnology
Source: National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) – Publication date: May 2013
These programs exist to provide funding, support, mechanisms for resource sharing, and facilitate collaboration for nanotechnology companies and researchers. These programs are listed alphabetically by state and then by national/regional effort.

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