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Cellular visions: The inner life of a cell
Source: Studiodaily
A beautiful eight-minute animation created for Harvard biology students, gives a breathtaking glimpse of life at the molecular scale.

Diamond Ice
Source: YouTube
Researchers have run simulations that show that thin layers of ice could persist on specially treated diamond coatings at temperatures well above body temperature. The soft and hydrophilic ice multilayers might enable diamond-coated medical devices that reduce abrasion and are highly resistant to protein absorption.

Molecular handshake
Source: Max-Planck-Gesellschaft
A human body has more than one thousand trillion trillion molecules with about one hundred thousand different shapes and functions. The researchers have followed the interaction between two molecules to show the basic mechanism underlying chiral recognition.

Nano-bio connection
Source: Purdue University (via nanoHub)
Nanotechnology is not just a topic for physicists, chemists, and engineers. This animation explains the important role of biologists in this field, and shows how they may help provide clues to molecular assembly techniques. This animation is part of a museum exhibit developed for the Children's Museums.

Photonic nanomachine project
Source: Japan Science and Technology Corporation
A collection of short movie clips of such things as movement of bacterial flagellar motors, computer simulation of crystal structures, and assembly process of bacterial flagellar.

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