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Nanotechnology and photovoltaics
Source: EPSRC
There's only one source of renewable energy that can provide all of the world's needs and that's the Sun. In fact, enough sunlight falls on the Earth's surface in just a couple of hours each day to meet the whole world's energy needs for one year. The question is: how can we effectively and economically harness this solar energy, without mass-producing very expensive conventional solar cells, which would ultimately require vast tracts of land in order to do their job? Nanotechnology could provide the answer in the form of a new kind of solar cell, one which would be relatively inexpensive to manufacture and highly flexible in design. In fact, you maybe surprised as to just how flexible these cells might be! Find out more by watching this movie.

Nanotechnology for Alternative Energy Sources
Source: Tufts University
An introduction to the study of alternative energy sources. Researches use ground-breaking atomic imaging techniques to view hydrogen atoms moving on a specialized surface.

Smart nanobattery
Source: mPhase
mPhase Technologies, the company behind a nanotechnology-enabled battery with unlimited shelf life, has posted a video demonstration of its Smart Nanobattery on YouTube.The video illustrates in layman's terminology some fundamental concepts behind the smart nano battery. The company has proven it is possible to fabricate nanotech-based "smart" batteries, which can store reserve power for decades and generate electric current virtually on demand.

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