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Just How Small is an Atom?
Source: TEDEducation
Just how small are atoms? And what's inside them? The answers turn out to be astounding, even for those who think they know. This fast-paced animation uses spectacular metaphors (imagine a blueberry the size of a football stadium!) to give a visceral sense of the building blocks that make our world.

Just imagine: Future science
Source: YouTube
Naomi Halas says nanotechnology could cure cancer; Gerhard Knies explains how the sun could give us all clean energy.

Kavli Foundation: Introduction to Nanoscience
Source: Kavli Foundation
Narrated by Alan Alda, this introduction to nanoscience gives us a brief overview of the field and illuminates some of the interesting questions being currently researched.

Lots of nanotechnology in roadmap of the 21st century
Source: YouTube/pestip
A video animation of Peter Pesti's compilation "Detailed Roadmap of the 21st Century" posted at the Georgia Tech website. Pesti's compilation is a year by year bullet point list of notable advances expected to happen in the 21st century, from 2006 onwards. There are quite a few nanotechnology relevant predictions in the list. Keep in mind what happened to this kind of predictions in the past ("flying cars" by 2001 etc.). Some are pretty far out, as might be expected from Kurzweil et. al., some are pretty realistic, especially the shorter term ones.

N is for nanotechnology
Source: Hewlett Packard
A brief promotional video from Hewlett Packard that highlights a few examples of what nanotechnology is - everlasting lightbulbs, miniature cell phones, tiny computers and smart clothing.

Nano Hazard
Source: Sciencentral
Tiny particles of silver designed to kill germs are being put into socks to control odor. But as this ScienCentral News video explains, what happens to that nanosilver later is concerning some scientists.

Nano: The next dimension
Source: Athena Web
In this 27-minute film we are heading deep into the world of nanoscience, down to the dimension of an atom. We will find out what tools scientists have developed to explore this new reality, opening up an apparently infinite field of research and practical applications.

Source: European Commission
This 26 minute film on nanotechnology, aimed particularly at a young audience, seeks to both inform and raise interest in nanotechnology and research. It received a Prize from the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Physical Training in the category "film dealing with education" (unfortunately, to view it online requires a lengthy registration procedure).

Nanotechnology - age of convergence
Source: YouTube
We are approaching an evolutionary event horizon, where the organic and the synthetic, the virtual and the "real", are merging together into an operational ecology, an existence morphology for which there is no precendent in the history of which we are currently aware, catalyzed by nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology - is it the next big thing?
Source: Vega Science Trust
What is nanotechnology? Will it change the world, as some have promised? What's all this about molecular machines in our blood? Hear what's going on in nanoscale science and find out what the experts think is just around the corner. Chaired by Colin Blakemore, featuring panellists Sir Harry Kroto (Nobel Prize winner from Sussex University), Jim Gimzewski (leading nano-technologist from IBM), Peter Dobson (Professor at Oxford University) and panel regular Jacqui McGlade.

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