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Nanotechnology - The new plastic
Source: National Geographic
Photographer Mark Thiessen talks about the challenges - and excitement - of photographing this miniscule environment in five videos: "Smaller than small"; "Land of the giants"; "Nano in nature"; "Growing technology"; "Stand by for a change".

Nanotechnology - thinking big in a nanosize world
Source: YouTube
A general introduction to the world of nanotechnology from the folks at Sandia National Laboratory.

Nanotechnology takes off
Source: KQED
A QUEST TV segment (air date: March 27, 2007). From Lawrence Berkeley National Labs to Silicon Valley, researchers are manipulating particles at the atomic level, ushering in potential cures for cancer, clothes that don't stain, and solar panels as thick as a sheet of paper.

Nanotechnology: Power of Small
Source: Power of Small
'Nanotechnology: The Power of Small' is the first major television series to look at the implications of advances in nanotechnology. The series' three programs explore critical questions about nanotechnology's potential impact on privacy, the environment and human health: Will nanotechnology make you safer, or will it be used to track your every move? Will nanotechnology keep you young, and what happens if you live to be 150? Will nanotechnology help clean up the earth, or will it be the next asbestos?

Nature: the first nanotechnologist
Source: University of Wisconsin
An introduction to nanoscale structures and processes in nature, part of a four-part series, by Dr. Ken Gentry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Productive nanosystems: From molecules to superproducts
Source: Nanorex/Lizard Fire Studio
Neat animation showing exactly how a nanofactory might work - many years in the future (if at all). The internal and external construction of what a Nanofactory might look like.

Richard Feynman introduction to nanotechnology
Source: Youtube/pianofight
An introduction to nanotechnology, starting with Richrd Feynman's classic talk in December 1959 "There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom - An Invitation to Enter a New Field of Physics."

The nano revolution
Source: Paladin Media Group
Paladin Pictures, Inc. and the University of Virginia Materials Research Science & Engineering Center (MRSEC) have received The Communicator Awards' Award of Distinction for their work on this nanotechnology film, The Nano Revolution. The film highlights such technological advancements as desktop computers the size of a wristwatch and clothing that changes color at voice-command, seemingly science-fiction-like possibilities of the nanotechnology field.

The strange new world of Nanoscience, narrated by Stephen Fry
Source: Cambridge University
Where and what is nano? How will it shape our future? Nanoscience is the study of phenomena and manipulation of materials at the nanoscale, where properties differ significantly from those at a larger scale. The strange world of nanoscience - it can take you into atoms and beyond the stars.

Watch nanotechnology as it happens
Source: Nano2hybrids
Ever been curious about how a real science project operates? What it's like working in a research lab? What happens when unexpected things happen? Ever wanted to get involved in cutting-edge nanotechnology research, meet the scientists, and be there when the latest discoveries are made? With nano2hybrids, for the first time this is possible. Over the coming 3 years, the key scientists involved in this European research project will be making video diaries and posting them on this web site, along with blogs of their work and lives. Watch the introductory video here.

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