Posted: April 8, 2009

Masscal Scientific Instruments and NanoSpective Collaborate to Advance Nanotechnology Research and Analysis

(Nanowerk News) Two Orlando-based companies have entered into a collaborative partnership to provide advanced nanotechnology research and analysis.
Masscal Scientific Instruments, Inc., and NanoSpective, Inc., announced the collaborative partnership recently.
Masscal manufactures and markets laboratory instruments and products to detect and analyze synthetic, natural and biologically produced materials.
Masscal focuses on the development, production and quality control of thin films, coatings and nano-scale products that cannot be measured by traditional methods.
NanoSpective specializes in advanced analyses of materials using Focused Ion Beam, Transmission Electron Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy and Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry.
“NanoSpective scientists possess technical expertise that is a perfect complement to the unique capabilities of Masscal technology for characterizing nano-scale material properties,” said John Furry, chief executive officer of Masscal Scientific Instruments.
“Our collaborative partnership will facilitate continued growth of both companies despite the current economic climate,” he added.
The firms’ collaborative partnership enables NanoSpective to expand their services to offer unique analytical capabilities for characterizing thin films and coatings.
“We can offer complete materials solutions serving markets in semiconductor, aerospace, civil engineering, optics, biomedical, intellectual property, and defense,” said Brenda Prenitzer, chief executive officer of NanoSpective. “We are enthusiastic about the collaboration. Their scientists and instrumentation are a perfect complement to our core competencies,” she said.
Both companies are University of Central Florida Business Incubation Program clients at the Technology Incubator in Research Park.
Source: University of Central Florida
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