Posted: April 9, 2009

Conference program for NanoMaterials09 now available

(Nanowerk News) NanoCentral and IntertechPira have announced the programme for the 3rd edition of the hugely successful NanoMaterials event focused on the commercialisation of nanomaterials.
NanoMaterials09, taking place at the Maritim Bonn Hotel, Germany on 16 – 18 June 2009, will deliver a pre-conference workshop discussing nanotechnology risk management, two day conference featuring two plenary sessions and 5 afternoon application focused symposia, an exhibition and poster exhibition.
The plenary on day 1 will examine various topics such as the latest regulatory developments from the FDA nanotechnology task force, the CNT Innovations Alliance, soft nanotechnology, nanomaterials in foods, and nanotube research. Presenting companies will include US Food and Drug Administration, Bayer MaterialScience and SONY Corporation.
The second plenary will discuss the latest regulatory developments in nanomaterials with renowned experts in this field such as Keller and Heckman and NIA as well as the commercialisation of nanomaterials presented by NanoCentral, and 3D liquid crystals covered by University of Cambridge.
Afternoon streams will be focused on five different nanomaterials applications, namely:
  • Printed & Nano Electronics
  • Nanocomposites & Nanoplastics
  • Coatings, Inks & Pigments
  • Nanobiotech & Consumer Products
  • Clean Technology
  • The discussion on issues facing the printed and nano electronics field will be led by the chair Mr Pierron from Ardeje on day 1 and Dr Sumerel of Fujifilm Dimatix on day 2. Presenting companies include Fujifilm Dimatix, Unidym, Nanomas, VTT and AIXTRON.
    The Nanocomposites and Nanoplastics stream will by chaired by Dr Kruger of Bayer MaterialScience and will bring in-depth analyses of the market from Sasol, IoLiTec, Nottingham Trent University, Exilica, University College London, Akzo Nobel Chemicals, Promethean Particles, and TNO.
    The Coating, Inks and Pigments symposium chaired by Mr Bishop from Johnson Matthey Technology Centre and Dr Howe of Kodak European Research will feature presentations from Yasar Paint and Chemicals, Costec Technologies, Chamelic, Clariant, BYK Chemie, Merck and Centexbel.
    The Nanobiotechnology and Consumer Products session, chaired by Dr Chen of the NASA Ames Research Center and Dr Peer of the Tel Aviv University, will present talks from Philips Research Laboratories, Eidhoven University of Technology, 3m Espe, Philipps-Universitat Marburg, Croda, Namos, Cidetek-IK4, and Center for Applied Nanotechnology.
    In 2009, the new stream examining the application of nanomaterials in clean technology was added. This track will include presentations from Aalborg University, Ilika Technologies, CEA-Grenoble, University of Ulster, High Power Lithium, Oxford Advanced Surfaces Group. Presentations will be led by Mr Komlenic of Ahlstrom Filtration on day 1 and Dr Pfeiffer of Heliatek on day 2.
    “Nanomaterials can help you to develop and sustain competitive advantage in these difficult economic times. However, the introduction of nanomaterials can be hampered by a number of issues. NanoMaterials09’s aim is to create a meeting place for the industry where all these issues will be addressed and discussed,” said Dr Allen Reid, Business Development Director at NanoCentral.
    NanoMaterials09 is the must-attend event of the year providing an update on all recent developments in the industry and an outstanding networking platform.
    Source: IntertechPira
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