Posted: April 10, 2009

Applied Physics LaB6 and CeB6 Cathodes offered by Electron Microscopy Sciences

(Nanowerk News) The Applied Physics Technologies (APTech) lanthanum hexaboride (LaB6) and cerium hexaboride (CeB6or CeBix) cathodes are now available through Electron Microscopy Sciences. Both LaB6 and CeBix cathodes are ideal for many small spot size applications such as SEM, TEM, surface analysis and metrology, and for high current applications such as microwave tubes, lithography, electron-beam welders, X-ray sources and free electron lasers. The unique properties of hexaboride crystals provide stable electron-emitting media with work functions near 2.5 eV, yielding higher currents at lower cathode temperatures than tungsten, and resulting in greater brightness and longer cathode life. In electron microscope applications, this translates to more beam current in a smaller spot at the sample, improved resolution, and less frequent cathode replacement.
For applications with large beam spot sizes, where high total current and current density are required, LaB6 and CeBix can be the cathodes of choice over dispenser cathodes. Both cathodes are robust and resistant to chemical poisoning, have modest vacuum requirements and long shelf life, and need only be brought up to operating temperature to provide emission, eliminating the activation procedure required of dispenser cathodes. They can provide long-term, stable operation at current densities up to 50 A/cm2, and may be fabricated in a variety of shapes and with many different heating and mounting configurations.
About Electron Microscopy Sciences
Electron Microscopy Sciences is the most comprehensive source for electron microscopy, light microscopy, and histology supplies, chemicals and equipment. EMS is committed to providing the highest quality products along with competitive pricing, prompt delivery, and outstanding customer service.
About Applied Physics Technologies
Applied Physics Technologies specializes in thermionic and field emission cathodes, refractory materials and custom device systems. With decades of experience in research, development, and manufacturing of LaB6 and CeB6 cathodes, APTech supports cathode replacement, OEM, and custom application needs.
Source: Electron Microscopy Sciences (press release)
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