Posted: April 10, 2009

Applied NanoFluorescence Introduces the NS2 NanoSpectralyzer for Carbon Nanotubes

(Nanowerk News) Applied NanoFluorescence is pleased to announce the world’s first three-in-one spectrometer for carbon nanotubes. The new model NS2 measures
  • near-IR Fluorescence
  • near-IR Absorption
  • Raman
  • The NS2 NanoSpectralyzer® provides all of model NS1’s state-of-the-art capabilities for analyzing SWCNT samples through near-IR fluorescence and absorption. In addition, the NS2 captures Raman spectra of all CNTs, whether single-walled, multi-walled, aggregated, large diameter, or chemically altered. All spectra are automatically measured with a single placement of the sample cuvette. Sophisticated software then performs integrated data analysis to characterize the CNT sample. The NS2 retains the same small footprint and convenient operation as the award winning NS1.
    For more information or a quotation, call 713-521-1450 or email [email protected]
    Source: Applied NanoFluorescence (press release)
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