Posted: April 14, 2009

Evident Technologies' Ability to Adapt to Changing Marketplace is Focus of Feature on MSNBC?s 'Your Business' Program

(Nanowerk News) Evident Technologies, Inc, a nanotechnology company specializing in the commercialization of quantum dot semiconductor nanocrystals, today announced that the company was the subject of a feature segment on MSNBC’s “Your Business” program, originally airing on April 12th.
The feature segment, which can viewed here focuses on Evident Technologies’ ability to quickly adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace by using it’s core quantum dot technology for a variety of applications in a constantly evolving range of industries.
After launching the company in 2000 to develop technology for the telecommunications industry, Evident quickly saw that market collapse, and found their business plan was not aligned with the market conditions. Although this might signal the demise of most companies, from CEO Clint Ballinger’s viewpoint, “success was the only option.”
According to the MSNBC segment, “the strategy for the company ever since has been simple – a culture of adaptability. They rely on planned opportunism to survive the ups and downs of the highly-competitive tech industry.” As such, the company saw an opportunity in selling their core product – quantum dots – to researchers, and became the very first company to do so. Shortly after, Evident Technologies began developing their own products for biotech, LEDs, military applications, and alternative energy.
Because of Evident’s ability to adapt its products to serve an increasing number of industries, MSNBC’s “Your Business program concludes that “while their product is tiny, the market for it is huge.”
About Evident Technologies
Founded in 2000, Evident Technologies develops and commercializes technology based on semiconductor nanocrystals. Evident is one of the first companies to commercialize products based on semiconductor nanotechnology and has launched commercial products in LED and lighting, military and life science markets.
Source: Evident Technologies (press release)
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