Posted: April 15, 2009

ZettaCore Launches Molecular Interface Technology

(Nanowerk News) ZettaCore, Inc., a developer of molecular electronics, today announced Molecular Interface™ (MI) technology. This nano treatment technology makes possible dramatic improvement in interconnect density without requiring expensive and often time-consuming introduction of new materials and processes.
System level interconnect is a bottleneck to the scaling of semiconductor devices and digital systems. ZettaCore MI™ technology enables deposition of copper on smooth dielectric, and lamination of dielectric on smooth copper in high-performance IC substrates, HDI boards, high-speed boards, flexible printed circuit boards, and wafer level packaging. Since surface roughening is eliminated, customers can realize finer line/space dimensions and improve signal integrity while using conventional materials and processes.
"ZettaCore MI technology offers IC substrate customers the ability to leverage their manufacturing infrastructure and yet realize finer line/space design rules. For example, customers can advance interconnect geometries with the current GX-13 material beyond what is possible with conventional roughening technologies. Since the interfaces are smooth, losses related to skin effect are minimized which would improve system performance. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with ZettaCore," said Takao Sakurai, General Manager of Specialty Chemical Dept., Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
ZettaCore and Ajinomoto are presenting a paper on molecular modification of PCB substrates at the International Conference on Electronic Packaging (Apr 14-16, 2009) in Kyoto, Japan. By working with Ajinomoto, ZettaCore is offering a complete and seamless solution to substrate manufacturers.
"Ajinomoto GX-13 build-up resin has a dominant market share in flip-chip IC substrates. Customers can now realize 10um line/space design rules and beyond by using ZettaCore MI technology in conjunction with GX-13 material," said Srinivas Nimmagadda, VP of Business Development at ZettaCore.
About ZettaCore®
ZettaCore, Inc. is a developer of molecular technology for use in electronics. ZettaCore target markets include molecular interface materials, energy storage and semiconductor memory. Customers use ZettaCore chemistry to achieve fine line/space and to mitigate skin effect losses in IC substrates and high-speed boards.
Source: ZettaCore (press release)
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