Posted: April 16, 2009

Nanosurf to Provide a Sneak Peek at the Successor to Their Famous easyPLL plus

(Nanowerk News) Nanosurf today announced it will showcase the successor model to the world's best-selling Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) Detector and Controller at the NC-AFM Conference, September 2009, Yale, USA.
Developed by Nanosurf and the University of Basel, Switzerland, over the past few years, the new system provides a fully digital signal-processing unit and a modular concept that will fulfill any customer's needs. More than just another PLL system, future users will get a completely modular SPM Sensor Controller for a wide range of applications.
Up to seven modules for Signal Analysis, Frequency Resonance Tracking, and Sample-Cantilever Interaction Control are available. They can be set to work independently or use the same microscope signals. Researchers have the flexibility to control up to four AFMs simultaneously or use the system's analysis power on a single, more complex setup.
High-end analog signal precondition stages are able to compensate for cable coupling and will suppress high-amplitude signal frequencies. They provide an unseen useable AD converter signal range, and allow otherwise undetectable signals to be measured. Between the individual signal modules, all signals are passed on digitally and therefore do not suffer from loss of precision in the process.
To set up new measurement modes, no more unplugging of cables or reconfiguring of electronic equipment is required: With the well-known Nanosurf "ease of use", all reconfiguring is performed internally through a comfortable software user interface.
The whole setup can be seen live at the NC-AFM Conference 2009. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity, as the new Nanosurf system signifies a quantum leap in SPM sensor control technology.
Source: Nanosurf (press release)
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