Posted: April 16, 2009

After Name Change, Applied NanoWorks Is Now Auterra

(Nanowerk News) Auterra, Inc. announced today it has completed the process of changing its name from Applied NanoWorks. The name change is due to the company's discovery of a new, clean technology materials platform : that expands its business focus into global markets for material additives and chemical processes.
Originally founded to commercialize a proprietary nano-materials technology, the company discovered greater commercial value at the molecular level with its new Molecular Control Process(TM) (MCP), which enables fundamentally simpler pathways to high performance catalysts, polymers and coatings. The company is targeting the flame retardant additives and the oil refinery catalyst markets with its first products. As a materials platform, MCP offers tremendous materials advancement potential.
About Auterra, Inc.
Auterra, Inc. is an advanced material manufacturing and development company focused on creating materials and catalysts that provide new levels of performance required to advance industry's clean technology needs.
Source: Auterra (press release)
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