Posted: April 20, 2009

New Quick Polymer Stamp available for Nanoimprint Module

(Nanowerk News) NIL Technology now offers a Quick Polymer Stamp™ (QPS™), facilitating a fast nanoimprint approach. The QPS is a working stamp, easily produced from a Silicon or Quartz master, to be directly used for UV nanoimprint lithography.
The QPS solution greatly reduces the time of producing working stamps for the NIL process, while preserving both high resolution performance and easy-to-use features of the NanoLithoSolution (NLS) nanoimprint module.
line grating pattern with approximately 400 nm pitch
Two SEM pictures of a line grating pattern with approximately 400 nm pitch. Picture to the left shows the original laser written silicon master from which a replicated QPS stamp was made. Picture to the right shows the result from the imprint in polymer, using the QPS stamp as master.
The NLS nanoimprint module is a low cost tool used as add-on to existing UV-lithography mask aligners. The module is easily installed, has integrated Auto-Release™ and comes with all needed features for imprinting. The module has now been successfully installed at several locations in Europe and US. The technology has demonstrated highest resolution of imprinting in the world and now NIL Technology (NILT) invites all interested to a demonstration of the system at DTU Danchip, Lyngby, Denmark.
NILT supports the NLS technology by providing the essential patterned masters, the replicated QPS stamps and the QPS materials.
“At NILT, we are now ready to demonstrate the NLS imprint module as the perfect solution for an easy and affordable way into nanoimprint lithography. It represents a full NIL solution with everything needed to start working with NIL; all you need is a UV-aligner. Every imprint step has been thoroughly tested and optimized and the results are ready to be passed on for our customers to benefit from this new development”, says Theodor Kamp Nielsen, CEO, NILT.
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Source: NIL (press release)
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