Posted: April 21, 2009

Toppan Printing Completes 32nm and 28nm Production Photomask Process at its Asaka Facility

(Nanowerk News) Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. has established a new and improved photomask manufacturing process in April 2009 at its photomask facility in Asaka, Japan, to support 32nm and 28nm semiconductor device production. This photomask process was achieved through Toppan’s ongoing joint development project with IBM. The Toppan photomasks produced in Asaka are compatible with those produced at IBM’s photomask facility in Essex Junction, Vt., and have been qualified by IBM.
Photomasks are an integral component in the patterning and manufacturing of semiconductor devices. Today, the 32nm semiconductor process is in the last phase of development prior to volume production. Advanced devices, such as those used for communications and image processing, are expected to have better performance, lower power consumption and lower cost. To achieve these competing requirements, the technological advances of 32nm production have been combined with the productivity enhancements of the 28nm ground rules.
In order to respond to those requirements, 32nm and 28nm production photomask process has been completed at Toppan’s Asaka facility. The introduction of this photomask process from Toppan will help chip manufacturers accelerate the development production of semiconductors in these next-generation technologies. As a leading photomask manufacturer, Toppan will continuously supply high-quality products to customers around the world in a timely manner.
Toppan-IBM Joint Development Project in Advanced Photomasks
Toppan’s collaboration with IBM began in 2005 at the 45nm node, and has progressed to the highly specialized masks required to support Source Mask Optimization (SMO) at the 22nm node. SMO is the co-optimization of the illumination source and mask pattern. SMO results in a lithographic solution for building more advanced semiconductor devices than would be possible with conventional lithographic techniques, and is expected to extend immersion lithography through the 22nm node and beyond. Toppan Printing plans to launch volume production of SMO-applied photomasks in 2011, leveraging technical assets accumulated by the collaboration with IBM.
Through the joint development with the industry leader IBM, Toppan Printing, a partner of semiconductor manufacturing customers throughout the world, is committed to providing leading-edge photomasks that match market needs.
“This announcement marks a significant milestone in the successful, multi-year joint development collaboration between Toppan and IBM,” said Michael Cadigan, general manager, IBM Semiconductor Solutions. “Photomasks are critical enabling technology for semiconductor manufacturing, and together our two companies have delivered an advanced mask-manufacturing technology that can help speed the development, volume production and time-to-market of 32nm- and-smaller devices.”
“The four years of collaborative work between Toppan and IBM enabled us to achieve this milestone today,” said Toshiro Masuda, deputy head of the Electronics Division and managing director of Toppan Printing. “Our collaboration with IBM now continues to the next technological challenge. Toppan will continue to support our semiconductor-manufacturing customers with advanced technologies and ready solutions. We will continue to enhance the semiconductor industry by providing photomasks utilizing this newly developed process.”
Source: Toppan Printing (press release)
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