Posted: April 21, 2009

Nanogate Launches New Product Lines and Expanding Strategic Partnerships at Hannover Messe

(Nanowerk News) Nanogate AG, a leading international enabler in nanotechnology, is significantly expanding its expertise and technology partnerships. The new permaResist polymer range provides visually attractive, highly abrasion-resistant enhancement for plastic surfaces which experience high stress levels.
In the area of energy efficiency Nanogate is introducing the permaProtect metal project platform aimed at increasing efficiency during energy production. Nanogate also agreed an extensive cooperation agreement with Special Coatings GmbH & Co. KG, a provider of specialised surface systems. Together with its new partner, Nanogate AG is in a position to provide an innovative complete coating solution for mass-produced small parts, for which Nanogate's new permaResist and permaProtect product systems can already be used.
Innovation highlight permaResist polymer The innovative plastic surface systems introduced by Nanogate at the trade fair feature multifunctional characteristics: high chemical, weather and abrasion resistance, easy to clean, transparent, easy to process and an excellent visual appearance. The product range is suitable for almost all commonly used plastics and as such can be employed in a wide range of new application possibilities across all of Nanogate AG's business areas - such as products for automotive interiors, the furniture industry, plastic housings, optical systems or large-scale applications such as plastic noise barriers on motorways. These systems provide clear advantages: the surfaces are more resistant to damage, easier to clean and hardly show signs of wear and tear, even after years of use. In recent months Nanogate has already succeeded in integrating the product system into an initial mass production run with a specialised helmet visor provider.
Innovation highlight permaProtect metal The new permaProtect product line is aimed primarily at applications in the field of energy technology, with a particular focus on the efficiency of energy components (heat exchangers) in industrial facilities. The newly developed, highly-efficient anti-corrosive coatings feature a much lower lamination strength than traditional systems. This guarantees optimal heat transfer combined with long-lasting surface protection, even under high strain. The protective coatings provide both constant energy efficiency and optimal performance efficiency and are currently primarily used in heat exchangers, e.g. as part of a building's heating equipment. Nanogate has already successfully integrated this system into a first round of series production (leading international provider). 'Energy efficiency is a pressing concern,' said Michael Jung, a member of Nanogate AG's Management Board. 'Nanogate is rising to the challenge by helping industrial facilities to conserve more resources and be more energy efficient in the future with its surface enhancement technology.'
New partnership in innovative coating methods By joining forces, Special Coatings GmbH & Co. KG and Nanogate AG are now in a position to deal efficiently with the mass-produced small parts market and expand into new areas of application. Drum coating with the high-tech SC-Coater(R) is highly cost-effective as it allows decorative or functional coating materials to be applied directly to a large number of parts (e.g. high-quality screws or electronic components) in bulk simultaneously. 'Our exclusive cooperation with Special Coatings GmbH & Co. KG in the area of functional nanocoating allows us to expand into accessible markets and position ourselves as a system partner in an additional segment,' said Andreas Weis, the new head of Nanogate's Automotive/Mechanical Engineering division.
After having its textile enhancements used as standard in the '2009 Car of the Year', Nanogate is continuing its innovation offensive and following through with its strategy programme NEXT by presenting these new technologies at the 2009 Hannover Messe. The central components of this strategy are expanding the technology portfolio as well as internationalising the company, expanding partnerships and alliances, and strengthening Nanogate's expertise in strategic growth fields and sectors.
Source: Nanogate AG (press release)
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