Posted: April 23, 2009

Aluminum Nano-Nickel Hydrogen Generator Produces On-Demand Hydrogen

(Nanowerk News) Global Hydrogen, Inc. announces a newly developed aluminum nano-nickel hydrogen generator that can be controlled by flipping a switch, producing on-demand hydrogen.
The simple system is self-contained and portable. While the system is scalable, the first production unit has been designed to produce 4 Kg, or 44,000 liters, of hydrogen at 0.5 Kg per day. The unit is 3 cubic feet in size.
This system is more efficient, less expensive, smaller and lighter than comparable systems. The generator normally operates at ambient temperature, but it will produce up to three times the hydrogen at a low temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
Dr. Linnard Griffin, inventor and founder of Global Hydrogen, Inc., states that this new system is designed as an ideal replacement for bulky storage batteries and dangerous high pressure hydrogen storage tanks used in emergency power backup systems such as cell phone towers and other remote applications. The system is also ideal for use in the automotive industry.
To view a video demonstrating the process, refer to the Supporting Documents page of the company website.
About Global Hydrogen, Inc.
Global Hydrogen was founded in 2008 by Dr. Linnard Griffin, an independent inventor who holds several patents related to hydrogen generation, metal reduction, and a novel cooling fluid. The company is driven by a desire to provide less expensive alternative energies to consumers, thereby reducing the world dependency on non-renewable energy resources.
Source: Global Hydrogen (press release)
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