Posted: April 27, 2009

Superlattice Power Acquires Electrochemical Analysis and Cell Manufacturing Equipment for Fortune 500 Company Orders

(Nanowerk News) Superlattice Power, Inc., a leader in the development and marketing of next-generation lithium-powered batteries worldwide, has acquired equipment for electrochemical analysis and cell manufacturing from a major USA company to produce advanced lithium-ion batteries and its electrode materials for Fortune 500 Companies.
The advanced equipment will be employed to optimize manufacturing process variables for commercial production. Superlattice Power, Inc. has previously announced that the company has developed and manufactured electrode materials which have the potential to deliver more energy in electronic devices and UPS systems. Superlattice Power scientists have designed the advanced cathodes to be less expensive, and significantly comprised of environmentally friendly manganese.
New equipment will be performing electrochemical analysis and cell manufacturing. Because of the vast potential of new electrode materials developed for portable rechargeable systems, Superlattice Power has committed to deliver prototype cells to Fortune 500 companies. Portable Lithium-ion battery prototypes will be manufactured at Superlattice Power’s facility in Mooresville and will be supplied for their evaluation.
About Superlattice Power
Superlattice Power, Inc. (SLAT) production has reached a new standard. The company exhibits power, safety, and environmental concern at an unparalleled level. Superlattice has grown from laboratory scale to industrial scale, and they are pioneers in producing nano and submicron materials on a large scale.
Source: Superlattice Power (press release)
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