Posted: April 27, 2009

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Hummer Gets Lithium Ion SuperPolymer Battery From Electrovaya

(Nanowerk News) Electrovaya today announced that it provided the battery pack used in the Hummer H3 ReEV range-extended electric SUV showcased at the 2009 SAE International World Congress, Cobo Center, Detroit, Michigan from April 20 to April 23, 2009.
The ReEV Hummer H3 demonstration vehicle offers approximately 100-mpg efficiency in a high performance sports utility vehicle category. As a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle it offers the dual benefits of about 40-mile all-electric driving range and the extended-range operation of a gasoline fueled internal combustion engine. The vehicle was a crowd pleaser, drawing admiration and photo-ops from many, including Governor Arnold Schwarzeneggar. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are a key technology development to combat climate change, achieve energy independence and improve air quality.
The FEV-integrated Hummer features a 40 kWh, 700V Electrovaya battery system. This battery system includes Electrovaya's proprietary Lithium Ion SuperPolymer® battery and integrated intelligent battery management system technologies. All Electrovaya products including its cells, electronics and battery systems are designed and manufactured in North America, using a unique zero emission manufacturing process. Electrovaya cells have a flat geometry due to their pouched prismatic construction. This provides better heat-dissipation, packaging, power and the ability to provide large battery systems.
This high-voltage plug-in hybrid electric vehicle battery showcases Electrovaya's capability to provide advanced battery systems for tomorrow's plug-in hybrid light-duty passenger cars and trucks as well as medium and heavy-duty vehicles.
Source: Electrovaya (press release)
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