Posted: April 27, 2009

Rite Track Receives a Series of Equipment Orders for MEMS Applications

(Nanowerk News) Rite Track, a leading manufacturer of track systems for the semiconductor, MEMS, solar cell, and thin film head industries, announced today a series of recent MEMS Track orders. Citing Rite Track’s unique ability to provide a wide variety of proven platform solutions, Vice President of Sales Brian Renner noted, “Rite Track’s product variety provides choices that allow our customers to balance performance and price to fit their needs. Add in Rite Track’s global spare parts and support infrastructure and customers see the value of our custom solutions.”
Rite Track provides coating and developing solutions for 2” square to 200mm round substrate applications to the semiconductor, MEMS, solar cell, and thin film head industries. Product offerings include the Rite Track/SVG 86, 88 and 90-S series product lines, owned by Rite Track, and OEM-authorized TEL Mark Vz and 7/8 series track systems. The 86 and 88 series provide simple, serial wafer flow processing while the 90-S and TEL Mark series provide a compact, random-access wafer transfer capability.
For confidentiality, the North American-based customers were not named.
Source: Rite Track (press release)
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