Posted: April 28, 2009

SUSS MicroTec's ProbeShield Technology Chosen by Major US-based Semiconductor Manufacturer

(Nanowerk News) SUSS MicroTec Test Systems has announced that it has once again won a head-to-head evaluation with its unique PA300PS with ProbeShield® Technology, the 300 mm wafer-level probe system for device characterization and reliability test.
The evaluation took place at a major integrated device manufacturer (IDM) located in the United States. As the winner of the evaluation, SUSS MicroTec has been named the exclusive supplier of on-wafer characterization systems for three years and is committed to work diligently in maintaining this position for many years beyond. As expected, the manufacturer has already placed the first system order.
The decision follows a comprehensive, head-to-head comparison against the major suppliers of wafer-level test solutions at the manufacturer’s facilities. In the evaluation, all systems were simultaneously compared in the same laboratory using several benchmarks. These consisted mainly of advanced tests of semiconductor devices, such as flicker noise, I-V, C-V and S-parameter measurements, which are used to extract critical parameters in the device design and process control phases. SUSS MicroTec’s ProbeShield Technology consistently outperformed the competitive solutions, leading to its ultimate selection.
“The engineers at the manufacturer chose ProbeShield Technology due to the superior positioning accuracy especially on small pads and significant time savings provided by advanced automation features such as ReAlign™ Technology for automatic alignment of probe tips to pads after a temperature change,” said Rick Dock, Vice President of North American Sales at SUSS MicroTec. “We are very excited about this particular win; it has validated the significance of both measurement accuracy and thermal automation when characterizing devices. This was just one of the many ways SUSS MicroTec demonstrated significant and tangible value when compared to the competition through our superior solutions and world-class customer support.”
Source: SUSS MicroTec (press release)
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