Posted: April 30, 2009

Dispersion Analysis, Particle and Liquid Characterization at ACHEMA

(Nanowerk News) L.U.M. GmbH, Berlin, Germany, welcomes all ACHEMA visitors to inform about latest news in the field of dispersion analysis, particle and liquid characterization. During ACHEMA not only L.U.M. products but also instruments for particle image analysis and the measurement of dielectric constants are presented, providing the visitor with a comprehensive insight into the world of dispersion and particle characterization.
The Dispersion Analyzer LUMiSizer® made by L.U.M. GmbH is the complete dispersion lab in just one instrument. The LUMiSizer® simultaneously determines the demixing of 12 different dispersions at original concentration, based on the patented STEP®-Technology. Due to the acceleration of the demixing in the LUMiSizer up to a factor of 2300, information about e.g. colloidal stability, surfactant influence, particle size, agglomeration and flocculation of dispersions is obtained in drastically shortened time. The fast characterization of any demixing and consolidation, the calculation of the velocity distribution as well as of the particle size distribution make the LUMiSizer the instrument of choice for research and development, for process optimization and quality control in e.g. food, ceramic, cosmetic, paint and chemical industries and in nanotechnology.
For real-time characterization L.U.M. GmbH is presenting the new product lines LUMiReader® and LUMiCheck®. The Demixing Tester LUMiCheck® is used for fast stability analysis and particle characterization with respect to comparison of different samples. Applications include beverages, construction material and further emulsions and suspensions.
Powdershape automatic (Innovative Sinter Technologien AG, Switzerland) is an image analysis based system that enables to characterize statistically size and shape of fibres or fibre like objects by several parameters such as: grain (grit) size, max size, min size, ellipticity, convexity. The measurement size range is from 20 ?m to 20 cm object length.
With the new Liquid Dielectric Constant Meter 871 (Nihon Rufuto Co., Ltd., Japan) the measurement of dielectric constants has been very easy. Insert the probe in the liquid, adjust the two controls and read the constant from the display. With this result the calculation of the zeta potential is improved. The measurement range from 1-20 and 1-200 covers water to non-polar solvents. The instrument is very useful for mixtures.
Fluid Imaging Technologies Inc., Maine/USA developed the FlowCAM® which is a state-of-the-art instrument for rapid monitoring of particles in fluid. FlowCAM® combines the high speed automated capabilities of a particle analyzer with the wealth of information derived from microscopic images. Over the past seven years, various fields of application have implemented the innovative technology of this U.S. American Company. Whether for determining the accuracy and quality of low viscosity chemical mixtures or cosmetical products, research and quality control in food applications, for detecting cells (e.g. bacteria or algae) in (waste) water or for using it in research and development of pharmaceutical formulations, FlowCAM® provides data which goes beyond the capabilities of classical particle analyzers, such as particle shape data.
Representative from all companies welcome you during ACHEMA in Hall 6.3 at the LUM booth P23-Q23.
Source: L.U.M. GmbH (press release)
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